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A Fall From Grace

A Fall From Grace is a multi-layered story told through the voices of now elderly women that were a part of a Charismatic Movement known as “The Prayer Band”. This movement took place during the mid 1970’s through the early 2000’s. It was primarily comprised of single Black women and their children who followed in the footsteps of a self-governed spiritual leader. This movement started from a traditional Christian-based organization, The First Church of God in Christ. As the cult evolved from a simple noonday prayer, the Church began to reject her teachings because it went against the church doctrine. This ultimately led to the beginning and rise of “The Prayer Band.” This series is a multimedia project that includes photographs, installation pieces, sculptures, and stained glass. This project is a complex layering of stories that illustrates the lives of the remaining women who are willing to tell their stories and their long recovery back to their faith.

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