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Stunning Works of Racial Justice Art Submitted for Duke University Contest

Three students of color representing diversity at Duke University

From the anger and grief following the killings of several unarmed Black citizens to difficult conversations with younger family members about how the world will see them when they grow up, Zaire McPhearson had many moments this year when she saw in stark terms how far society has left to go before it truly confronts its racism.

Conversations with Zaire McPhearson

African Americans posing with flowers for photoshoot

Zaire, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?

I have always been into the arts since a very young age. My parents often tell me stories of how I always had a crayon in my hand spending hours creating mini masterpieces to hang around the house. 


Bronze sculpture bust of African American Woman

There's something about that feeling when you see a work of art that just catches they eye. A work that is makes you feel like your eyes are seeing something special, something sacred. That's how I felt  when I saw the works of Zaire McPhearson. Her works are colorful and exciting while also deep and captivating. GBM was privileged enough to get to know this artist a bit more and dive into the inspiration behind her works.



Today, my artistic journey is not just a personal pursuit but a testament to the rich tapestry of influences and experiences that have shaped my identity in the world of art.

Zaire McPhearson - Redefining the possibilities of the emerging Black Artist

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