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It is my belief that our cultural experiences are directly responsible for who we become. In this work, it is my intention to celebrate the uniqueness of black cultures across the world. The layered quilted portraits are meant to uplift Black traditions and cultures. 'Encounters' is a combination of family histories, forgotten ancestors, migration, culture, and freedom. This work is an affirmation of Black beauty, inspired by the ancestors that used quilts as a means of storytelling and seeking freedom. I used fabric given to me by my grandmother as a way to intertwine family traditions.

The quilted flags are directly inspired by the unique and beautiful cultures of Black people. The colors are a combination of different flags showing that Blackness is not a monolith but there is vastness in who we are. When viewing historical quilts strong feelings of freedom, resilience, and grace overcame me. These are the same emotions I hope my work evokes with each viewer.

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