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Hood Disciples: A Journey to Liberation

Hood Disciples is a compelling multimedia project that explores the profound questions: Are Black people really free? and What does Black liberation look like? This series dives into the dual experiences of invisibility and leadership borne by Black women in contemporary society.

At the heart of Hood Disciples is the narrative of Black women who navigate a world that often overlooks their contributions while expecting them to lead with resilience and strength. This project critiques how popular culture commodifies Black culture, reshaping it into fleeting trends while neglecting the deep-rooted significance and struggles behind it.

Through a vivid and poignant visual journey, Hood Disciples highlights elements that Black women are frequently ostracized for—durags, hoop earrings, and ethnic hairstyles. These symbols of identity and pride are celebrated within this body of work, reclaiming their significance from a society that often marginalizes them.

The skies in Hood Disciples serve as a powerful metaphor for freedom and the aspirations of Black liberation. Expansive and boundless, the skies symbolize the infinite possibilities and the inherent right to exist and thrive without limitations. They represent a realm where Black women can rise above societal constraints and express their true selves unapologetically.

The use of colors in the skies enhances this narrative. Purple skies convey a sense of royalty and dignity, underscoring the inherent value and nobility of Black women. This royal hue signifies respect, honor, and the reclaiming of a legacy that has often been denied. Meanwhile, pink skies evoke feelings of serenity and peace, painting a vision of a world where Black women can find solace and tranquility. This serene pink backdrop suggests a future where liberation is not just about freedom from oppression but also the attainment of inner peace and self-acceptance.

Hood Disciples not only tells a story but also serves as a visual manifesto of what Black liberation looks like. It envisions a world where Black women are seen, heard, and valued for their authentic selves. This series is a testament to their strength, beauty, and the continuous fight for freedom and recognition in a society that too often seeks to render them invisible.

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